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Here are a few family photographs.

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Hindreaka Schneiderman and Muller Family Horace and Lillian Graves Elsie Uphoff Wedding Dirk Uphoff Wedding
Robert, Vivian, Randy, Walt,  Sharon Muller, and Hindreaka Schneiderman      abt 1960 Horace and Lillian (Straka) Graves
Elsie (Jibben) Uphoff
abt 1904
Dirk Uphoff
abt 1904
Elen and Joseph LaPier William Straka Barbara Straka Dirk & Elsie Uphoff childeren Katie DeGroot
Elen (Shelde) and Joseph LaPier
early 1930's
William Straka Sr. Barbara Straka Left to Right Tres, Gladys, Margaret, Ralph, John Uphoff  abt 1918

Katie DeGroot
abt 1960

5 Generations Ralph Uphoff John DeGroot Family Harriet Graves George LaPier
Vivian Muller, Isabel Uphoff, Katie DeGroot, Hindreaka Schneiderman, and Sharon Muller     abt 1960 Ralph and Dirk Uphoff
early 1950's
Sikke (John) and Katie and Isabel DeGroot abt 1915 Harriet Graves
early 1930's
George LaPier
early 1930's
Bersie and Ralph Uphoff Families L. Graves and boys
Ralph and Izzy Uphoff
Dick and David Uphoff
L. Graves and Genevieve Sikke DeGroot and Jack Mickel
Byron Bersie and Ralph Uphoff Families     1964 Bill Graves, Lillian Graves, & Herb Hansen  abt 1940 Ralph and Isabel Uphoff     1978
Dick and David Uphoff    early 1940's
Lillian Graves & Genevieve (Graves) Hansen abt 1940 Sikke (John) DeGroot and John (Jack) Mickle
abt  1958
My Baby Picture George and Harriet 25th Wedding Annivers. Dick and Karen Wedding Grandpa and Twins Ralph and Izzy with grandchildren Great Grandma Kate with Kids
Karen (LaPier) Uphoff
1 yr. picture
George, Karen, Harriet, & Geraldine LaPier    1962 Gerri, Dad & Mom LaPier, Karen & Dick, Mom & Dad Uphoff, David  1962 Ralph Uphoff with Michael & Michelle    1964 Ralph & Izzy Uphoff, Michael, Jeff, Michelle  1965 Michelle, Jeff, and Michael with Great Grandma Katie  1976
Frank and Katie Wedding George and Alice Wedding Alice, Micheal, and Andy 4 Generations Gerri and Karen Karen's Grandchildren
Frank & Katie Slomski, Izzy Uphoff, Erwin DeGroot, & Rose Mickle   1965 George and Alice LaPier  1969 Alice LaPier, Michael Uphoff & his son Andy abt 1990 Karen, Michael, Andy, Izzy, and Josh abt 1989 Gerri Licke and Karen Uphoff
abt 1990
Andrew, Josh, Bob, and Nicole     1991
Michelle and Kids Family Kids Kids and Grandchildren Bob Nicole
Michelle, Nicole, and Bob Manias     1990 Dick and Karen Uphoff Family
abt 1977
Jeff, Michelle, Michael Uphoff   1990 Micheal & boys, Jeff, Michelle & Michael Manias with Bob & Nicole  abt 1992   Robert Manias
Graduation 2004
Nicole Manias
Andy Josh Izzy and  Great Grandkids
Andrew Garner
Graduation 2004
Joshua Garner 2004 Michelle, Isabel, Bob, Andy, Nicole, and Joshua 1999
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